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2023 Race Results

The Year of Exploring the New & Embracing the Familiar

The 2021 race season was awkward; almost like starting new, after not racing for almost an entire year.  The experience made Khadijah remember how much she not only enjoyed racing, but how much she enjoyed the people at the races! The renewed "freshness" of the race experience, along with the joy of executing on the dream of  starting the Diversity Infusion Syndicate  (D. I. S. K.) drove the decisions on the races she wanted to attend in 2022.

Khadijah's 2022 schedule is focused on visiting new places as well as racing with friends and family.  Alaska and Oregon are two states that Khadijah has never had the opportunity to visit outside of the airport.  North Carolina and Texas will be new triathlon race venues.  Havana, Chattanooga and Florida offer the opportunity to race in familiar places, familiar venues and focus on enjoying the race experience, going full tilt, surrounded by friends and family. 


The Multi-Sport Festival in Texas will also be an opportunity to try some multi-sport events that  Khadijah hasn't participated in often or EVER, including a Mixed Relay. This will surely prove to be EXCITING racing.


  • Havana, Cuba (Triathlon Havana 70.3): Canceled 

  • Kingston Jamaica (SunCity Draft-Legal): 03/19/2022

  • Irving, TX (National Multi-Sport Festival): 04/28-05/01/2022

  • Chattanooga, TN (Ironman Chattanooga 70.3): 05/22/2022

  • Salem, OR (Ironman Oregon 70.3): 07/10/2022

  • Juneau, AK (Ironman Alaska 140.6): 08/07/2022

  • Wrightsville Beach, NC (Ironman NC 70.3): 10/15/2022 

  • Panama City Beach, Florida (Ironman FL 140.6): 11/05/2022

In between races, Khadijah will be supporting DISK athletes at their events.  Please visit the DISK page to see the packed calendar we have for the Class of 2022!  We hope you can join us and cheer the athletes on.

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